Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Grocery Shopping for Deals

Grocery Shopping, I know you hate to do it, so you make it quick. Just run in and run out grabbing the things that you need for the next few days. If you go at all. You would be surprise how many
people skip the grocery store and order take out every night. But grocery shopping is a necessary evil especially if you are trying to save money. And you can't buy your Mr. Clean from Domino's. Taking the time to plan your visit will save you money every month. And yes you will notice the savings. If you are like me, you have 2-4 different grocery chains within a few miles from one another. And each one every week has specials for you to take advantage of. I'm not telling you to go to every store every week and I'm not telling you to buy something you wouldn't normally buy. But if boneless chicken breasts are on sale for $1.99 / pound why would you just buy enough for one meal? Priced normally at $5.99 and up, buying several pounds of chicken and freezing it for future meals adds up to huge savings. Only use Tide to do laundry. Well guess what, when it goes on sale by two or (gasp) even three and you have enough to last you until the next time it goes on sale. Only use Gillette razors - well you get what I'm talking about. It's called the art of stock piling. And it saves people $$$$ every time you shop. Every week, grocery stores send you their weekly specials in the mail and more than likely every week, you throw them out, without looking at them. Well glance at them next time you are eating your shrimp fried rice. Find out which store has the most items of your favorite items on sale, MAKE A LIST, and spend some time visiting the aisles of your grocery stores, stocking up on your favorite items. Look at that insert, Cereal is only $2.00! There are pages of sale items every week from stores begging for you to visit them. Note, If you don't get the sale circulars in the mail you can always go on-line and view the weekly sales from the store's website. Most even have the ability to create a shopping list on line so you can print a ready to go list.

Also, in order to ta
ke advantage of most sales, you have to join their club. DO IT! It's harmless. If you don't want to carry a card every where you go or if you are prone to losing them, several stores can look you up by phone number. And if you are still paranoid more than likely, the cashier or the customer next to you in line can offer you one to scan - especially since they are getting the credit for your purchases which adds up to bigger savings (for another post, don't want to confuse you).

I admit, I feel funny when I have four boxes of Cocoa Puffs in my cart and on my shelfs but I can't live without my chocolate fix. And if I can have it and save money at the same time, I'm CucKoo for them (sorry, had to throw that in)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Lower You Heating Costs

I know, I live in sunny California so what do I know about Winter chills. But I didn't always live here. I remember the cold frosted days that freezes your lungs from the inside. Even worse I remember how much money I spent every month keeping my house warm when it was 20 degrees outside. So despite the fact that I tend to keep my windows open in December, I'm going to pass a huge money saver to all of my northern friends.


Don't believe me? Wait until January and place your hand on a window. Feel how cold it is? Hold a match to your window. Does it flicker? That's cold air leaking into your house and dollars leaking out of your windows. Now step into your time machine so you are back in the present and can do something about your windows.

Windows Stay SnugYou can find these anywhere. Hardware store, Grocery Stores, Drug Stores even Bed Bath and Beyond (yep another use for those coupons stored in your car). They come in a variety of sizes, even ones large enough to cover a door-wall. Buy whatever brand you want, they all work the same. Apply the two-sided tape around your window, stick the wrap on it, trim to size (if necessary). The last step, use your hairdryer to tighten up the seal, remove wrinkles and make it clearer so you can see the ice clinging to the trees outside. In the spring pull it off and enjoy the summer breeze. Note: to get the double side tape off without any residue bring out that tested hairdryer to heat up the tape and it will loosen up a bit for easy wipe off.

Feeling ambitious and want something you can reuse every year. If you are the do it yourself type. Click on over to the Everyday Crafty Goodness blog for instructions on how to make your own window insulators that can be rolled up and reused year after year. I was never that ambitious.

Honestly, you would be surprised how many people insulate their windows this way and you just never noticed since they are behind curtains and shades. Beside you can laugh to the bank with the money you save every month with this tip so who cares.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Save Money by Going to the Doctor

I know you hate going to the doctor and you really hate spending money going to see someone who may cause you pain. But I bet if you think about it, now is the perfect for an appointment. Why? Because I bet you met your out of pocket deductible for the year.

Remember back in January when you had the flu? And then in May when your allergies were acting up. How about the physical you had last month. All of those appointments drained your wallet and savings account but it also did one other thing. It when against your yearly deductible. Double check and I bet you will be in the same position that I am in right now. Sitting pretty with a paid off deductible and a check list of things to take care of.

That puts us in a big money savings situation because outside of an office co-pay which is anywhere from $20 - $30, other fees will be paid 100% by your insurance. That includes the expensive blood work and lab fees that occur on any typical visit. Schedule a yearly physical with full blood work and see how much you save while you are taking care of yourself. Just think what you would have to pay if you made that appointment, in the new year.

Go see the podiatrist about that unsightly foot odor - it's paid for. What to have a mole checked out and removed make an appointment to see a dermatologist - it's paid for.

Save even more money if you are on a family plan and have matched your family deductible, make sure everyone schedules appointment for what they want and more importantly what they need.

Again this money saving tip is for your own good and has no side effects.