Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Money Saving Tips

Everywhere you look, there are things that you can re-use in order to save money (and lets face it the environment) I was just going through several of my old magazines and found all these great ideas.
1. Plastic bags that you get with your dry cleaner's, tie one end and it makes a perfect garbage bag.For that matter, all of those plastic bags you get at the stores, those are perfect for the small cans that you tend to keep in your bathroom and den. I use them for when I am throwing out food that smells but don't want to put them in my half empty kitchen garbage can.
2. Used coffee grounds are great as a fridge deodorizer leave them right in the filter and then it become great fertilizer.
3. Old Toothbrushes can be used and a mini scrub brushes for those tiny out of reach places.
4. While you are in the bathroom, old loofas are great to scrub the tub.

Al this stuff is already in your house, what are you waiting for?