Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Big Picture

Simple question. What do you want. Do you want that morning latte, do you want HBO so you can watch Entourage? Do you want a new pair of Lucky Jeans. None of these are necessary bad things to want. Do you need them? No. But that doesn't make them wrong. And there's no reason not to have them as long as you no you can afford them without going into the credit card black hole debt. It's give and take. What do you need to give up so you can have more.

What do you want more? Starbucks 2 times a week at $8.00 a week? A $120 pair of jeans? $15.00 a month for HBO. Every person will have a different answer and everyone will have a different justification for their choice. $120 pair of jeans will last longer than 15 weeks of coffee. Having HBO will save money on movie rentals and movies. Starbucks is a cheap treat that is perfect for getting ready for a hard work day.

All reasons are perfectly acceptable and I don't believe that being frugal means depriving you of things that make your life more enjoyable. It's all about the big picture and what will bring you happiness in the long haul.

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