Friday, October 3, 2008

About This Blog

So here’s the deal. I’m single, 30 something and live in Los Angeles. I am living as a single income household yet refuse to let that stand in the way of having what I want and deserve. I have no credit card debt (okay very little credit card debt - lets be honest here), I live alone in a beautiful home (okay wait I have a cat), drive a Mini and am constantly seeking out little tricks to continue my way of life WITHOUT going into debt and WITHOUT compromising.

My plan, to show you my tricks and ideas to maintain the way of life that you deserve especially in these times of high gas prices, housing, education, groceries and well lets just face it, everything is rising except your salary. And it sucks. The only way to fight it is to lower your cost of living and that’s where I come in.

No I’m not talking about buying two-ply toilet paper and turning it to one-ply so it lasts twice as long (does that even work?) or using only one sheet ala Sheryl Crow. I’m not talking about buying used underwear and socks. And I’m really not talking about relying on handouts from your parents.

I’m talking about discreet ways to cut costs on everyday things so you can enjoy some of that hard earned money you work for. How discreet? Well that led me to my next idea. How about a scale that shows you how discreet it is so you can decide if you want to be flamboyant in your frugalness or have everyone assume you make twice your salary based on the material things in your life.

Stay Tuned!

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Miss Thrifty said...

Minis are my favourites - but whenever I go to America, I'm really surprised to see people driving them. It's a different story here in the UK, where we all drive around in teeny cars with our knees tucked up below our chins, but all the other cars in America are so BIG! Don't you worry about getting squashed?

Anyway, really enjoying reading through this blog.