Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Gas Prices

I wasn't actually going to even post this tip thinking that everyone knows about gasbuddy.com but I was shocked when a co-worker said, "I wish there was a site that told us where the cheapest gas is." Unless you have a Costco membership (and why would I have that as a single person living in Los Angeles. I have no use or space for 120 rolls of paper towels unless I wanted to create a bed with them) gasbuddy.com is the know all of gas prices, even covering our friendly Canadian Neighbors to the north.

Enter your zip code and it will immediately pull up all the gas stations near you and highlight the cheapest one (wow $3.23 down the street from my work). Use the filters to confirm that the high end or diesel is also the cheapest in your area. But before you drive 10 miles to save $.05 / gallon on gas do the math, it's probably worth it to go to the closer place than to drive further away.

If you feel like volunteering, sign up on their page and you can enter your own gas prices. Volunteers are entered in sweepstakes for prizes, money and of course gas cards. Not too shabby if all you have to do is look out your office window and the local Arco.

Of course I could tell you to slow down saving you even more gas but that's no fun. And you mom already told you to do that.

If you are driving by 5 gas stations to get to the cheap one it's going to look a little odd but just tell your passengers the bathrooms are cleaner.

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